The Course

The Swim Course

The swim route follows a clockwise 750m loop around the wakeboarding lake. There are two buoys you must swim around at either end of the lake.

The swim will start with a time trial format with the fastest swimming going first and then 30 seconds separating each competitor.

Sprint distance athletes complete 1 lap.

The Bike Course

In 2021 we have an exciting, new bike course, with less turns that promises to produce fast bike splits: 

Sprint distance- 20.1km
Standard distance – 40.2km- 

The Run Course

The run course is one 5km loop on mildly undulating terrain, which you join approximately 100m from transition.

Sprint distance athletes will complete 1 lap

Standard distance athletes will complete 2 laps


Box End Triathlon

Sprint distance:
Swim 750m
Bike 20.1km
Run 5.0km
Standard distance:
Swim 1500m
Bike 40.2km
Run 10.0km
Middle distance duathlon:
Run 10.0km
Bike 60.0km
Run 10.0km
Box End Lakes, Box End Rd, Bedford MK43 8RN